2019 Core Values Tour


In 1965, Harold T. Pontius founded Columbus Industries on the core values of customer focus, integrity, commitment, and innovation. We have evolved and grown over the last five decades, but our company has never wavered from these core principals as we pursue our purpose of wellness promotion and mission of market leadership.

We believe that our core values truly set us apart, and we decided it was time to celebrate them properly. Beginning on July 8, 2019, CI executive leadership began a touring celebration of food, fun, and gifts that visited all of our North American facilities. These events were a great opportunity to discuss and explore our core values with all of our employees, as well as to recognize and congratulate our initial Live Our Values (LOV) winners.

The 2019 tour was a raging success, as all of CI came together to recommit ourselves to the core values that Harold instilled in our company so long ago.

Read about our vision, mission, core values and history here!


The CI Tree

At CI, we believe that everything we are and achieve stems from our core values. As such, we wanted to create something tangible that reflects that fact, as well as give all of our employees a physical means of expressing their commitment.

An image of a large, bare tree sprouting from our values was printed for our tour. At each stop along the way, employees were encouraged to place a red fingerprint on the poster, thus giving leaves and life to its bare frame. Our tree grew lush and more vibrant with each stop, ultimately being filled with roughly 1,500 marks of solidarity.

This activity was the perfect symbol for the CI story and culture. Without the loyal support of our team, our ‘tree’ would perish, but by working together we grow stronger, fuller, and taller with each new day.



Live Our Values (LOV) Program

CI has now adopted a formal recognition program for our employees that exemplify our core values in their daily lives. Employees are encouraged to recognize their peers by filling out and presenting Live Our Values (LOV) cards. Who better to express appreciation for your hard work than those you work closest with?

LOV card givers and recipients are also placed in a monthly gift card drawing! Each LOV card carries a unique identification number that is used in the drawing process. The more LOV you share and receive, the greater your chances of winning!

CI would like to further recognize our initial class of LOV winners. These individuals were nominated because of their exemplary behavior and earnest adoption of the listed core values.

Aleyda Espinoza Integrity, Commitment Juárez, México
Alfonso Cuevas Integrity El Paso, Texas
Alfredo Márquez Integrity, Commitment Juárez, México
Bridget Turner Integrity West Union, Ohio
Cassandra Boldman Customer Focus West Union, Ohio
Chad Steele Commitment Ashville, Ohio
Christian Moreno Integrity, Customer Focus, Innovation, Commitment Juárez, México
Dan Baizel Integrity Ashville, Ohio
Daniel Miller Commitment West Union, Ohio
Demesio Rivera Customer Focus, Commitment Juárez, México
Dwight Cotton Innovation West Union, Ohio
Francisco Cabrera Commitment El Paso, Texas
Jamie Large Commitment, Innovation Ashville, Ohio
Jeanette McGoveny Commitment West Union, Ohio
Jerry Davis Integrity West Union, Ohio
Jessica Walters Commitment Ashville, Ohio
Kathy Powers Commitment Ashville, Ohio
Lourdes García Customer Focus, Commitment Juárez, México
Martha Coronel Integrity, Customer Focus, Commitment Juárez, México
Mary Ann Whaley Customer Focus Ashville, Ohio
Miguel Sánchez Integrity, Customer Focus, Commitment Juárez, México
Neri Mendoza Integrity, Commitment Juárez, México
Pedro Robledo Integrity, Innovation, Commitment Juárez, México
Robbie Wilder Customer Focus West Union, Ohio
Sandra Flores Integrity, Commitment Juárez, México
Sol García Customer Focus, Commitment Juárez, México
Víctor Sierra Integrity, Customer Focus, Innovation, Commitment Juárez, México