Introducing CI & Magnet Custom Filters!

CI prides itself on being an innovative manufacturer of the highest-quality air filtration products. We continually develop and evolve our business model to ensure that we are providing you, our partners, with the most valuable products and experiences.

To avoid inefficiencies in our manufacturing and shipping processes, CI has decided to partner with Magnet Filters to produce our Odd/Custom size filters. Magnet Filters has the means to produce custom size filters quickly and accurately. We are confident that this strategic partnership will provide new production efficiencies and better our processes as a whole.

We are excited to invite you to experience our new model! Rest assured that CI customer service and your regional sales managers will still be available to answer any and all questions. Thank you for your continued support as our businesses evolve together.

-Team CI

Visit Magnet Filters to Place Your Order

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I still get Odd-Size pleated filters?

  • Yes! As CI refocuses on our core business, we have established new processes with Magnet Filters to ensure that our customers have access to the specialty products they need.

Why was this change made?

  • All manufacturers wrestle with the time and labor lost to excessive set ups. In order to streamline our manufacturing processes and combat production delays and growing lead times, CI has chosen to shift some of our smaller-quantity, specialty product delivery to our eCommerce partner Magnet Filters. We will leverage Magnet’s years of expertise to ensure timely and cost-effective product delivery.

How do I order my custom-size pleats?

  1. Follow the link to be directed to our custom size filter order portal at Magnet.
  2. Select Standard Pleat, High Capacity Pleat, or Mini-Pleat.
  3. Select the filter thickness from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click “Select Options” from the following screen.
  5. Enter your exact length and width, then “Add to Cart”
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 as needed.
  7. Click to view your cart (upper right corner) to complete your purchase(s) with a credit or debit card.

Will my order be included with my other truckload or LTL deliveries?

  • No. Order placement, payment, and fulfillment will be handled separately by Magnet Filters.
  • Custom-size filter orders will be delivered by FedEx (separately from standard CI product orders.)
  • Orders for standard size products will still be placed through your existing CI channels.

What will it cost?

  • Prices are calculated live, per square inch.
  • Shipping: Free FedEx shipping on orders over $75. Large orders requiring freight shipping will be quoted.
  • Low minimum order sizes:
    • 1″ – 6 Filter minimum
    • 2″ – 6 Filter minimum
    • 4″ – 2 Filter minimum 

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