Micro Shield® ZERO-BYPASS™ 2 Inch Filters

2” Mini-Pleated Filter Featuring CI’s Patented Permanent Gasket Technology

Columbus Industries’ catalog of filtration products is performance-engineered to meet the HVAC market’s ever-evolving filtration needs. CI’s dedicated Research and Development team works tirelessly to develop the innovative, best-in-class products that our customers depend on.

As filtration efficiency demands grow, CI’s Micro Shield mini-pleated filters offer peak efficiency and dust-holding capacity with minimal air resistance. As a result, Micro Shield products provide high-efficiency filtration while creating substantial energy and cost savings.

Columbus Industries’ Performance-Engineered Micro Shield Mini Pleat Filters Just Got Better!

Our latest innovation — ZERO-BYPASS™ — combines our Best In Class mini-pleated media with patented gasket technology originally developed by 3M.

This innovative combination creates a long-lasting, low pressure drop filtration system that virtually eliminates filter bypass with the inclusion of the ZERO-BYPASS™ permanent gasket system.

Available in MERV 15/14A, these exceptional filters offer unparalleled filtration performance while providing energy, time, and labor savings.

  • Patented, permanent gasket system
  • Positive mechanical seal eliminates air bypass
  • Superior energy savings compared to other high-efficiency products
  • Low initial resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Hassle free installation without additional filter hardware
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government Institutions
  • Universities/Schools
  • Hotels and Entertainment Complexes
  • ΔP=.35”w.g. at 1968 cfm
  • Available in a variety of standard sizes
  • Tested in accordance with ASHRAE
  • Test Standard 52.2-2017 appendix J
  • UL Standard 900 approved
  • 100% synthetic media
  • Fully incinerable
CI Competitive Alternative
Media Synthetic Synthetic
MERV Rating 15/14A 14
Test Period 12 Months 12 Months
Initial Resistance (@500 FPM) .35″w.g. .44″w.g.
Average Resistance .46″w.g. .58″w.g.
Final Resistance .70″w.g. .85″w.g.
Energy Cost $116.00 $146.00
Additional Energy Cost $30.00